Sep 1,  1999



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Interact Systems Helps Home Electronics Manufacturer

Organizes Information Resources Across Servers

September 1, 1999 -- A home electronics manufacturer contacted Interact Systems to upgrade and consolidate the organization's server architecture at the Chicago HQ and Dallas locations.

Users experienced network delays and drop offs, servers were running out space regularly and crashing, and tape backup was prone to lockups. Security policies had not been enforced and many unnecessary accounts were still on the system.

Discussions with the IT management revealed that there had been a high turnover of the IT staff and network design decisions had been made without direction.

Using network analysis tools, the network delays were traced to routing loops, unauthorized protocols, and unnecessary printer advertisements and were repaired.

The tape backup system was upgraded and repaired with DLT library technology.

New server hardware was installed to give the existing applications more room and provide server failover protection.

A Zenworks software distribution/application management console was put in place.

A Bindview management console was put in place to monitor user accounts and provide policy alerts.

Finally, a Managewise console was put in place to provide network traffic alerts.

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