Oct 4, 1997



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Interact Systems Helps Health Care Purchaser

Organizes Information Resources Across Servers

October 4, 1997 -- A health care purchaser contacted Interact Systems to "clean up" the organization of its data resources across eight file servers on its NetWare network.  Users experienced inconsistent security restrictions depending on their location.  Discussions with the application developers revealed that two different versions of the application were used that have different security policies.  Faulty logic was discovered in the login script.  A test for bindery or NDS login mode always provided the bindery path.  

After the logic was corrected, NDS users still experienced occasional Windows errors trying to access the application.  The problem was discovered to be faulty .DLL files that provided NDS support for the application.  Sybase promised a software update that would correct the problem.

Some users had problems viewing files in their personal directories.  An updated NetWare LOGIN.EXE file resolved this problem.

Remote users of the application benefited from an upgrade to a more powerful, dual processor remote access server hardware platform running the Winframe 1.7 software upgrade.  Users are now able to access the system via CompuServe PPP connections that are validated with the SecurID system.

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