Nov 1, 1997



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Interact Systems Helps Insurance Company Recover

LAN to AS/400 link restored

November 1, 1997 -- A recent power outage left a local insurance company with no access to policy holder records which were stored on an AS/400 for the data processing and training departments' Windows 95 users.  Interact Systems was brought in to restore connectivity to the AS/400 for these groups.  What started out as a trouble shooting project evolved into revisiting the issue of connectivity not only to the AS/400, but the NetWare network and a Unisys A/7 minicomputer as well.  Microsoft Services for NDS was selected for its NetBIOS compatibility with the InfoConnect software that connected the A/7 to the LAN.  The TCP/IP support also permitted connectivity to the AS/400 via IBM Client Access.  Users who needed AS/400 connectivity only had the option of using the Novell Client 32 for Windows with its enhanced user interface.

After the troubleshooting was completed, a plan was developed to upgrade all system users to one of the two connectivity software methods.

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